Pullman Greyhound Purebreds


Imagine you're a high school athlete and it just so happens you have a parent who played in the pros.

Not just someone who played one or two years and fell out. Try 15 years in the NFL and an Olympic gold medalist.

Pullman sophomore wide receiver and defensive back Isaiah Strong has football in his DNA.

"I've played flag since first or second grade and I played tackle eighth grade,” Strong said. “My dad he played for the NFL, so he always wanted me to play football."

His dad? Former long-time Seattle Seahawks fullback Mack Strong.

Growing up with that experience, has its advantages, especially for recruiting.

"Just because of his name recruiting coaches look at me already so that just helps," Strong said.

Isaiah Strong isn't the only one who has a father, cheering him on from these bleachers on a Friday night, who used to play pro sports. Does the name, Kinkade ring a bell?"

When asked what was primary sport was, the reply was simple.

"Baseball," said Pullman junior Konner Kinkade.

He’s the quarterback for the greyhounds, but he loves the diamond.

His love for baseball came from his father, Mike.

Mike was a part of the Olympic USA baseball team. The same team that won the gold in Sydney.

"It's pretty cool. He gives me a lot of advice,” Kinkade said. “He's [has] a lot of experience so he can give me some tips.”

Although their dads have made it big time, they want the world to know that they're their own person.

"I try not to think about it, just because I try not to live up to his name,” Strong said. “I try to make a name for myself."

"Me and Isaiah are good friends, we're pretty close and we don't really talk about that a lot,” Kinkade said. “We're just building a name for ourselves and not really focusing on what our dads did."

Konner has a brother on the team, Kameron.

Kameron's a senior at Pullman and one smart kid.

We'll have more this Kinkade kid at a later date.

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