Straughan's Air It Out Camp set to return to the Valley


A year ago the Straughan Air It Out Football Academy made its most successful appearance in the LC Valley accompanied by the LC Valley Loggers and thanks to its recent success, the Academy is set to make its return to Lewiston.

The event organizer, Gene Straughan, will host the camp two weeks from Saturday at Lewiston’s Sunset Park on August the 20th. The camp, hosted by the LC Valley Loggers, provides a sophisticated but affordable four-hour instructional period which runs players through passing and receiving drills. The camp, which has traveled the Pacific Northwest for nearly 15 years will help teach student athletes the proper techniques to becoming a better thrower and catcher of the football.

"In spread offenses now-a-days, kids need to come in and be prepared to not only have proper throwing mechanics, not only able to run the routes correctly but also to be able to create separation as a receiver and to read coverages and we work on a lot of those things like the foot work of quarterbacks and the foot work of receivers," said Straughan.

The camp fee is just $45.00, that includes the cost of a T-shirt and a meet and greet session with the Loggers. To signup you can visit

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