White Pine teams battle in State Championship


Now that the smoke has cleared for Idaho 8-man football, the winner of the 1A state football championship will be from the White Pine league.

The Genesee Bulldogs will take on the Prairie Pirates in the Kibbie Dome on Friday to see not only who is the best team in the WP, but who’s the best team in the state.

These two teams met earlier this season, Genesee came out the victor, winning 36-6. That was the Bulldogs’ closet game.

That was also Prairie’s first loss and only loss on the season.

But one thing to consider, when they both met on September 1, the Pirates lost starting quarterback Spencer Schumacher because of a broken hand.

He broke his hand on the last drive of the first half, when the Pirates were driving. Bulldogs lead 16-6 going into the half but what if he said healthy and what if the Pirates scored?

All I know it’s hard to beat the same team twice but the Bulldogs have an uncanny knack for scoring.

This is going to be good.

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