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P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Hayden Line, Clarkston Baseball

Hayden Line warming on the mound at practice.{ }{p}{/p}
Hayden Line warming on the mound at practice.

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CLARKSTON, WA- “Coach made me take a pitch because I wasn’t seeing the ball, and then I let it travel and then just barreled it up," said Clarkston pitcher Hayden Line.

Line may have hit a grand slam, but he says hitting hasn't always come easy.

“When I get into a slump, I just put the bat to the ball, and just widen the stride and think less home runs, and more line drives," Line said.

The sophomore also plays first base, but says his strength comes from being on the mound.

“Pitcher is my main spot. I’m way better at pitching than I am hitting," Line said.

“I’ve improved a lot on throwing strikes this year. Last year, there were a lot of walks, and so a lot less of those this year.”

For Line, it was in his blood to pitch for Clarkston Baseball.

"Growing up with my dad, he was a pitcher, and so growing up he got me into pitching and I worked a lot with him growing up," Line said. "My dad pitched at Clarkston, and also went on to play in college."

The Bantams went from the bottom of the standings last year, to the top of the standings this year. It was all thanks to their work in the batters box.

“I think for our success it was our offseason, we hit a lot this season, and last year we didn’t do that," Line said.

"That helps out a lot, and we have a lot more bullpens. This year, kids have taken it a lot more seriously and kids are locked in.”

With their recent success, he has one goal that's top of mind.

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“I want to go to state with us. I think we have a good chance to go to state, I don’t know who we have to beat but I think we can do it.”

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