P1FCU Prep Athlete: JJ Reuben


    LAPWAI, ID – High school basketball in the Gem State is completely underway with the boys starting their season on Monday.

    Although the season is new for the Lapwai boys basketball team, they’re hoping for the same result thanks to the help of this week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: JJ Reuben.

    Anyone who follows high school sports from the area knows just how dominant Lapwai is on the court.

    For the boys specifically, they’re hoping to win the state title for the third straight year and play in the state title game for the fifth straight year.

    “It’s been almost 30 or 40 years since the last 3-peat at Lapwai,” Lapwai Senior, JJ Reuben, said. “I think that’ll be pretty cool to have them all in that same year,” Rueben said.

    In comes admittedly soft-spoken Reuben.

    The Senior plays football and basketball for the Wildcats.

    Unfortunately, he’ll have to start the football season a little later than his peers.

    “I dislocated my ankle like two or three weeks ago and I just want to see how I do and how good of a comeback I can make from the injury,” Reuben said.

    He's also on the track team, but admits that football might be his favorite sport to play.

    “When I got to high school it was more fun with coach Leighton, Ellis and Big Man,” Reuben said. “It felt better playing it and having those great coaches there to teach you to play the sport,” he said.

    Now although he can’t practice just yet and he has to root on his team from the sidelines, he already knows what game he’s looking forward to the most.

    “The Prairie games and the Avista tournament are the games I look forward to,” He said.

    He said, in the 2017 Avista Holiday Tournament, Lapwai lost in the championship round to Ferris (a 4A school in Spokane) by just one-point.

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