P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Ashlyn Wallace


Most 14-year-olds aren’t rising stars in basketball and rarely do schools get to claim one of those athletes.

But the Clarkston Bantams can.

Clarkston’s Ashlyn Wallace is making a name for herself on the basketball court.

Being a freshman in high school, she already starts on the varsity roster for the Bantams girls’ basketball team.

Traveling with her AAU teams, her skills just aren’t reserved to the quad cities.

“I’ve been a lot of places: Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego. Everywhere,” Wallace said.

With the added exposure, she knows exactly what that entails.

“There’s a lot more competition. So, it puts more pressure on you but I feel like it’s so much better and [more fun] to do.”

Pressure. Something Wallace could be seeing a lot more of on the hardwood.


Well, just four games into her high school career, she’s already garnered roughly 20 college basketball offers and interests.

As just a freshman.

Some of the schools that have reached out: Eastern Washington, Oregon State and Arizona.

In her words, “All over.”

Getting these offers this early into her career just fuels her motivation.

“It makes me just work so much harder to know so many of them are coming in now,” She said. “So I need to perform the best I can in all my games.”

Pressure either crushes or makes diamonds, and Wallace is ready to shine.

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