P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Bailey Clark


The Potlatch Loggers are having a Potlatch type of baseball season so far.

They’re the top team in the White Pine, sitting with a 13-3 record but like most successful teams, they want to be perfect.

“There all games we probably should have won,” senior Bailey Clark said, regarding the three losses.

Clark is undeniably the leader on the team.

Although he’s already accomplished a lot while in high school, he doesn’t feel complete yet.

“It’s my last year, so I got to make the best of it,” he said.

On the baseball diamond, saying the Loggers have been dominate in the state is an understatement.

Every year Clark has been wearing green and yellow, he’s played in a state title game, winning back-to-back.

"It feels great because not a lot of people get to win a state championship, let alone two,” He said. “Saying that I've been the only one to play in all three of the championships I've been in high school for is pretty great. It'll feel amazing because it's happened before here and I really look up to those kids who three-peated So, I'd feel really great about myself."

He also plays football and basketball.

Although his Loggers didn’t have a stellar football season, there’s one play that stands out.

"I just seen Connor Akins running with the ball and it was halftime, so, and I watched Randy Moss pull it off before so I figured hey man I'm right behind you. It's legal throw it and hope for the best," Clark said.

Speaking of football, Clark says he wants to major in athletic training at University of Idaho.

Afterwards, he wants to coach Potlatch football and baseball.

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