P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Bea Whitling


If you go to a Logos Knights girls basketball practice, you might notice the tall girl.

Junior Bea (said like the letter “B’) Whitling stands at 6’2” and she’s proud of her height.

“Random people would come up to me and say, ‘You’re so tall! You must do sports!’ Yup, I do.”

In fact she plays three sports: volleyball, basketball and is a jumper in track.

This past fall, she was the Co-White Pine Division-II player of the year.

But if you ask her what her favorite sport is…

“It just depends when I switch from season to season,” Whitling said. “I’m like ‘oh this is my favorite sport.’ Then next season comes and like ‘oh this is my favorite!’”

Admittedly a loud person, she says her natural gifts makes her a born leader.

"Over the past couple years, I've noticed, I'm a pretty loud person and I think God made me that way so I can be a good leader,” She said. “I've been more conscious of that over the last few years because I know I can make an impact on someone and I can make the right impact."

Growing up with six brothers, being the only girl has its benefits.

“I’m the princess of the family. So, everyone treats me really well and if one of my brothers steals something of mine, the other ones will beat them up,” she laughed.

And if you have a sibling, you know, teasing happens.

She’s not afraid to remind her shorter brothers about who’s taller.

“My mom tells me to make sure I don’t rub it in on them,” she said.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s P1FCU prep athlete of the week.

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