P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Britton Needham


    MOSCOW, ID – Those familiar with Moscow wrestling knows just how much of a talent senior Britton Needham is on the mat.

    During his first three years of high school wrestling, he’s finished top six, being a state runner-up last year.

    Like most athletes, his sport is a lifestyle.

    “It was actually my dad who introduced me to it,” Needham said. “He thought the traits it taught you in life and everything would be beneficial to my life.”

    And those traits help him off the mat.

    Needham is a type-1 diabetic.

    Living with diabetes, Needham admits it “could get overwhelming.”

    But here comes how wrestling helps off the mat.

    “Wrestling was just kind of my way to just get it where I could control it,” Needham said.

    Clearly, living with diabetes isn’t slowing him down.

    “Honestly, I don’t like to see it as effecting my athletics at all or anything in my life,” He said. “Just a normal person, and it’s just something—a challenge that God gave me that I have to live with.”

    This past weekend at the Bucks Bag Tournament in Boise, he dominated, going 6-0.

    Although he’s the 2018 4A State runner-up, he doesn’t plan on wrestling competitively in college.

    But what is in his future: medicine.

    “I want to be an anesthesiologist,” He says. “I’ve just always like to help people and it’s made me feel good personally and I just like that feeling that it gives me. So, I just wanted to see how I could do that in my future.”

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