P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Emerson Parkins


    GENESEE, ID – If you ask around Genesee, they’ll tell you that their girls basketball team was not only good enough to go to state but they could’ve beaten some of those teams in state.

    For Genesee junior Emerson Parkins, not only is she determined to go to state, she’s also proving big things come in small packages.

    Although she might not be the most physically imposing player on the court, standing at only 5’2”, she plays big.

    She’s hoping Genesee would list her as “5’4” or 5’9”.”

    But she’s using her real height to her advantage.

    “Honestly, I kind of like being in the point guard position and being shorter,” Parkins said. “I like weaving through people and getting around faster.”

    Come the new season, Parkins and her ‘Dogs have one goal in mind: The 1A Division 1 State Title Tournament.

    This year, she’s expected to be a leader on a young team.

    “I think everyone is doing a great job,” Pakrins said. “There’s a lot of people in my class that are really stepping up as leaders and the young kids. So, I think we’ll be good.”

    This upcoming season, Genesee will have tough competition in the Whitepine D1.

    But she seems more than ready to compete.

    “I’ve definitely been watching film like as much as I can. I’ve been watching film in classes sometimes,” Parkins laughed.

    For her junior campaign and her overall basketball career, she wants to be one of the best vertically challenged players out there.

    This upcoming Tuesday, the Bulldogs will head up to Moscow to take on the Logos Knights to start the 20018/19 season.

    They’ll start home play against Potlatch a week from Thursday.

    As always if you would like nominate an athlete, email me at dwoodson@klewtv.com.

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