P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Emmitt Taylor


Emmitt Taylor is now in his fourth year of varsity basketball for the Lapwai Wildcats.

During his time in powder blue, he’s done more for the Cats than just get buckets.

“We had our blue jerseys that we’ve had for six or seven years, and I just brought it upon myself to get new uniforms and get new sweat suits for the whole varsity team,” Taylor said.

With the help of family and teachers, he put together a fundraiser.

“We wanted to reach $2,000,” Taylor said. “But we well exceeded the amount we wanted to get.”

As a matter of fact, he raised $7,000 for his first fundraiser.

“I just felt blessed to have a great community behind me,” Taylor said.

He’s a good as fundraising as he is on the court.

During his time at Lapwai, he won a state title. The first one for the school since 2006.

Now, he has another accolade.

“I was noticed pretty much,” Taylor said while looking at his award. “Being from such a small school, in Idaho, it’s kind of unreal.”

The award?

Taylor was nominated as a McDonald’s All-American.

Meaning, he’s now a part of hundreds of nominees who could potentially play in the McDonald’s All-American game.

“I thought it was a joke,’ Taylor said. “Honestly, I thought someone was playing a prank on me or something.”

He still has one more goal in mind before leaving behind the powder blue.

“Winning state for sure. Because it’s the whole Lapwai community that’s behind it,” Taylor said.

If he can become a McDonald’s All-American, he’d be the first player from the entire state of Idaho to earn that honor.

This year, he’s the only boys’ player from the Gem State to be nominated.

Also, Lewiston’s Demi Randall is one of three girls from Idaho to be nominated with the same honor.

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