P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Gracie Myer


For Moscow senior girls’ basketball player Gracie Myer, the hardwood is home.

"I started playing in second grade and I started playing AAU in fourth grade," Byer said.

She’s been playing varsity basketball since she was a freshman.

But having that role isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

"Kind of scary, honestly," she said.

She admits, there were growing pains playing at a high level that young.

"Speed change and being able to control the ball, make the read that I needed too,” She said. “So, that's where a lot of the growing pains came from because I had a lot of turnovers my freshman year."

But she learned from that.

"I had to slow the game down in my head,” She said. “I had to play at my own pace, but still try and make sure I was at the same place on my team."

Fortunately, her teammates welcomed her in open arms.

"The seniors actually were very, very good to me,” She said.

Now that she’s a senior, she can see the end is near.

"It's kind of bittersweet. I've been going forward to this since my freshman year, thinking, ‘I'm going to be the senior, leading the team and maybe the freshman and middle school girls would look up too,’” She said. “This season is going to fly by but I’m just going to try to cherish every moment of it."

She currently has two college offers to play basketball and she’s still getting interest from others.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

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