P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Jordyn Moehrle

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    10 of 11, 3 of 4, and 20. Those are a lot of numbers with a lot of meaning for Colton girls basketball. 10 state titles in 11 years, 3 of the past 4 titles for this year’s senior class, and a game high 20 points for Jordyn Moerhle in the title game last weekend. A performance like that is why she’s this week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

    Colton girls basketball is one of the most dominant programs Washington state high school athletics has ever seen.

    "A decade of greatness is pretty special. I don't think ten is any more special than eight or nine, or one through seven,” said Jordyn.

    The Wildcats got number ten last weekend against Pomeroy thanks to the help of senior Jordyn Moehrle.

    “I've had people say it was one of my best games, but I wouldn't say that's necessarily true,” she said. “It may have been one of the games where I scored the most. But I'd like to say it's one of my favorite games to play in not my best, just because just coming back and winning it all, it was pretty special."

    Jordyn has a game high 20 points in the championship win. But it wasn’t a breeze like it usually is for the team in blue.

    "Going into the second half down 16 wasn't exactly a position that we wanted to be in,” said Jordyn.

    Colton was down 31-15 at halftime, a position they’re rarely in if ever, and Pomeroy had all the momentum.

    "I think it was more of the mentality that we came into the second half with,” she said. “There was never any doubt in our mind that we couldn't come back. Obviously, there's no 16-point shot that's going to get us back into the game."

    That’s what they did, knocking down shots, and playing some suffocating defense.

    "I guess what made it so special was that everybody did believe, and there was never any doubt in anybody's mind that players one through ten didn't believe that we couldn't win it,” said Jordyn.

    And then raising the golden ball at the end. It’s something Jordyn’s seen since she was young.

    "It means a lot especially as a senior, with this group of girls,” she said. “As a second-grader, we watched the first state championship in 2009, so it was really, really cool to go out with a win as a senior."

    She sums up her third basketball ring in seven words, does not get old to win championships.

    "Winning's addicting,” she said. “Once you win and you get to lift up that state gold ball, it's something that you want to do again and again and you're going to do whatever it takes to get that gold ball back."

    Jordyn still has another shot at a ring before she graduates. She’s on Colton’s softball team, which is just beginning to start up its season.

    If you’d like to nominate an athlete, reach out to me through either email or twitter.

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