P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Keith Kipp Jr.


It’s not hard to identify Lapwai senior Keith Kipp Jr. on any playing field.

“I was just supposed to get contacts but I couldn’t put them in my eyes,” Kipp said while gesturing to his goggles. “So, we just got goggles.”

And the kid in those goggles has quite the athletic resume.

He plays football, basketball, baseball and does high-jump for his school.

He’s won state titles in basketball and the high-jump.

‘My favorite one to play is probably football, because it’s a big adrenaline rush,” he said. “I just like running around, hitting people, getting hit, catching balls, running. It just has everything.”

Although sports have been a big part of his life, college will be a different story.

Heading to his dream school, Boise State University, there’s not much he has left to accomplish while in high school.

But he’ll miss the little things.

“Overnight trips and staying in hotels with the team,” Kipp said. “We’d always have good roommates with me and we’d always do crazy stuff.”

Although his trophy case is probably stocked…

“Hitting a homerun would be cool,” Kipp said, while talking about his high school sports bucket list. “I’m not the best at baseball but that’ll be pretty cool doing it. And I’m still shooting for the school record in the high jump.”

Kipp says he’s planning on majoring in anthropology while at Boise State.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

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