P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Koby Blunt


According to the NCAA, only two percent of high school baseball players will play NCAA Division-1 baseball.

But, how many of those athletes were featured in a national newspaper as a kid?

My guess: not many.

If you’re from the area, you probably know Koby Blunt. Clarkston’s senior baseball player who can do seemingly everything on the diamond.

But in case you don’t know…

“I was just trying to get a good pitch that I can barrel up,’ Blunt said. “So, just trying to hit the ball in a gap.”

That “gap” tuned out to be over the fences.

Big time players to big time things and blunt proved that on Tuesday, hitting the walk-off solo home-run in the 11th inning, giving Clarkston the 6-5 lead.

“Well it hit the top of the wall, so I didn’t know if it went over or not,’ Blunt said. “But when I saw everyone run out of the dugout and that’s when it kinda started to sink in.”

Another thing that Blunt had to sink in,

“I went up there for a visit and then at the end of the visit, I was in his office,” He said. “Then he pretty much said he was going to offer me a scholarship.”

Next season, Blunt will be playing baseball at Washington State University.

Having college already chosen, he’s able to just enjoy senior year.

“I just kind of think of it as, me just coming out here, having fun with my friends and playing the game that I love,” he said.

But baseball wasn’t his first love.

“I used to rodeo a lot,” he said. “Like most people don’t know but when I was 6, I was featured in the Wall Street Journal for sheep riding.”

The Wall Street Journal headline reads, “At 6, Koby Blunt is retiring at the top in mutton bustin’” with the subhead reading in part, “Fearless in competition, isn’t keen about clowns.”

“I don’t know how that happened exactly, but it happened,” Blunt laughed. “I just laugh because I can’t picture myself riding sheep. I’ll just stick to playing baseball.”

We hope you enjoyed this week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week. If you would like to nominate an athlete, email me, at

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