P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Marc Taitano


We have another P1FUC Prep Athlete of the Week.

This one coming from Orofino.

He calls Idaho home but he wasn't born here.

Born in Guam, Orofino junior Marc Taitano knows he’s home.

"I love it. When I was back in Guam it didn't feel like home at all, but when I can here it felt like home," Taitano said.

He lived in Guam for the first six months of his life. Then he moved to Las Vegas for six years. Then Orofino when he was six-years-old.

While in Orofino, he started playing sports.

He admits, peer pressure helped.

"I think it was fifth grade year. My friends talked me into it and I played, and it was kind of fun so I stuck with it," Taitano said.

He and his family went back to Guam after a personal tragedy.

"My dad passed away, and we're out here for his family,” Taitano said. “So, we just decided to move back here with my mom's family."

Once he came back to Orofino, it was back to old times.

"I came back and my friends, I wanted to play with them. So I played football. Started basketball my freshman year because my friends talked me into it,” Taitano said. “My friends talk me into a lot of things. Then I did track.”

His friends talked him into it.

Taitano also said one of his favorite subjects in school is art.

He even has a picture of New York Giants wide receiver O’Dell Beckham Jr. hanging up somewhere in his house that he drew.

Talk about a talented kid.

We hope you enjoyed this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

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