P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Nate Savolainen


Our first prep athlete comes to us from Clarkston. He played on the LC Twins, learned a life lesson from the world series experience, and his coach says he's an outstanding student.

Senior running back for the Clarkston Bantams Nate Savolainen. He plays both football and baseball.

But in terms of which sport truly has his heart?

"That's a toss-up right now,” Savolainen said. “I'd have to say baseball as of now but football is a really close second."

Let's just say, Savolainen had a pretty fun summer.

he played for the LC Twins American Legion baseball team which made it to the American Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

"It was really cool. Just to meet like the hospitality and the southern accents and the food was amazing.,” Savolainen said. “And the people were just great and it was just fun to play baseball down there, just different."

And during the World Series, he learned an important life lesson.

"Just to keep your composure,” He said. “All the teams down there were really good and one bad thing could be either really bad if you let it get to your head, or you could bounce back from it. So, just keep your composure and just keep doing what you’re doing.”

And that's the mindset, he brings to the football season.

This past Friday, the Bantams took on the Moscow Bears.

On the opening drive, it took the Bears three plays, to score a touchdown.

But, Savolainen would respond.

On the first play of the Clarkston season, Savolainen broke a long run and got himself a td in the game.

All the while keeping his cool.

"Just keep the composure, we got a lot of football game left, just go out there, my line blocked really good during that drive, and the whole game so, it was just really nice."

Savolainen said he plans on playing for the Twins again in the summer of 2018.

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