P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Treyton Forsman


For this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week, we're hitting the greens.

This athlete has been playing golf since he was kid, has a 3.6 GPA, and wants everyone to enjoy the game of golf as much as he does.

Not too often are high school seniors using their Tuesday afternoons to hit the greens (granted, not many people are).

But, Lewiston senior Treyton Forsman is in the minority on that one.

Although golf is a spring sport, he plays it year round, playing about two to three hours per day.

And not much can stop him from practicing.

"I'll play in the snow, or I'll play in the rain, I can't play in the snow because they close the course. But I'll be out here even if they didn't."

Forsman has been playing the game since he was three years-old. His grandfather got him hooked early.

"He's been playing out here since, he was like 30, and he plays out here every day and got me into it when I was little."

For Forsman, golf is a unique sport because of it social versatility.

"It's more of an underrated sport I'd say. But, I think it's just, different how you can play by yourself or you can go out with five different friends and go play."

Forsman also plays basketball for Lewiston high. But, for him, (golf) ball is life.

"Golf means everything to me. It means getting better. It translates to school, like you got to study to do good in school, you got to practice to get good at golf. It's the same thing."

Forsman went on to say, his favorite golfer is Tiger Woods.

His love for Tiger extended to the classroom.

He's planning on writing a paper about how much Tiger has changed the game as part of his senior project.

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