P1FCU Prep Athlete(s) of the Week: Maia Dykstra and Carmen Eggleston


    ASOTIN, WA – Having a good, close friend is always great and beneficial to have in life.

    For two Asotin cross country runners, who not only dominate on the course and in the classroom, together they have a great time doing it.

    Seniors Maia Dysktra and Carmen Eggleston are some of the top runners in the Washington 2B.

    When it comes down to races, they usually finish one or two.

    They’ve been competing on for Asotin’s varsity team for all four years and it just so happens, that they are best of friends.

    “Just a lot of weird inside jokes,” Dykstra said, referring to her friendship with Eggleston. “You get a lot of shared experiences and you just sort of bond.”

    Eggleston was quick to chime in.

    “We can communicate without pronouns,” Eggleston said.

    “Without speaking,” Dykstra said.

    “Very good at that,” Eggleston continued. “Mind waves connecting.”

    “Vibrate at the same frequency,” Dykstra said while her and Eggleston both laughed.

    They started running together when they were in the sixth grade.

    This one being Eggleston’s idea.

    “I didn’t want to be on an all-boys team,” She said. Then she pointed to her friend and continued, “So, I drug her in so I can have a friend. And it’s been like that ever since.”

    Being the friend that she is, Dykstra obviously went along with it.

    “I was a chubby kid and I didn’t know what I was getting into,” She said. “So that was interesting, the first year.”

    Since then, the dynamic duo had dominated while at AHS.

    Heading back to state yet again.

    Now although they are close, having endless memorable moments, plotting ways to end the gnat problem in Asotin and watching Marvel movies, there’s one topic that they can’t agree on.

    “Weeny dog.”

    As Dykstra put it, “a small, long dog with short legs. Sometimes they’re fuzzy, sometimes they’re fluffy, sometimes they have no hair at all. But they best type of weeny dog is a weeny dog wearing a sweater.”

    When without any hesitation, or stumbling, Eggleston continued the bit.

    “I see. Is it sweater weather?”

    “it is,” Dykstra replied.

    “So, is it the best weather for every weeny dog to wear a sweater?”

    The main issue?

    Eggleston doesn’t like weeny dogs, citing they’re not usefulness.

    But they’re working through that together.

    They both want to keep running in college, but they’re thinking about going to separate ones to branch out a little.

    But they said they’d want to keep in contact.

    If you would like to nominate an athlete, email me at dwoodson@klewtv.com.

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