Clearwater Valley High School Hosted Donkey basketball because why not


KOOSKIA, ID --- Donkey Basketball happened at Clearwater Valley High School.

One of the most stubborn animals was used as the means of transportation.

So, you’re probably thinking by now: why donkeys?

“Donkey basketball is a little bit different I guess,” Student Body ASB Advisor Vincent Martinez said. “It’s humorous and people like it.”

Aside from watching the donkeys strut their stuff, according to Martinez, the event is there to help the students.

“it’s a fundraiser to help students get more money to go to leadership conferences and stuff like that,” Martinez said.

Coming from Entiat, Washington this isn’t their first rodeo.

Even though the donkeys are used to being on the court, doesn’t mean they know the game of hoops.

“I don’t know if their trained. I didn’t ask them that but I know that they’re used to it,” Martinez said. “They’re stubborn. Some play good and some don’t play so good. So, training? Eh.”

The only thing that was more stubborn than the donkeys? The ball.

There were a lot of misses.

But the first make of the game was a half-court shot.

The only problem was it didn’t count because it wasn’t from the back of a donkey.

Although shots were made and accidents happened (let’s just say, they had people whose duty was to well you catch my drift).

With the goal of raising $1,000, either way it was a good time.

“At least these kids got an opportunity to do something that they normally wouldn’t have,” Martinez said.

But I think the most important part and something Martinez summarized perfectly, “and ride donkeys and play basketball.”

CVHS not only met their goal, but they exceeded it, raising $1,300 from the event.

Martinez also mentioned that Kamiah will also have donkey basketball in the coming weeks.

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