Golden Boy’s Golden Chance


If you know who Austin Arnett is, you might be ahead of the curve. The Clarkston native could be the next mixed martial artist to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship ranks. But how exactly did he do it? Take a look….

Austin “Golden Boy” Arnett has been fighting for as long as he can remember.

Arnett said, "Yeah, so, I kinda got into fighting. I was kinda born into it. So I started doing karate at a pretty young age, pretty much since I could walk."

Then he had the opportunity to switch arts.

Arnett said, “My first amateur fight, my dad was like 'hey, I gotcha a fight, this date, blah, blah, blah, he was- he was like, you ready to go?' and I was like 'yeah! let's do it.' And did the first fight, won that one by knockout, and just fell in love with it from there and never stopped."

From an MMA gym, to the main event, how does one, strike their way to the top?

'It's tough. it's a long process,” said Arnett.

The process is a different than say, football where in football you play high school… college. Then you have a chance to go to the NFL. Getting to the UFC is a bit complicated.

"There's not a set process,” said Arnett. “There's a luck involved with it too. You have to step by step build yourself up, build your record up and then hopefully get an opportunity like how I'm getting."

Now, one fight could put Arnett into the UFC, but this isn’t the first time flirting with the chance. About three years ago, Arnett made the final cut for the Ultimate Fighter Show, but his then 5 and 2 record held him back. But now…

"I've won 13 in a row now, ten in a row since that show,” said Arnett.

Then he heard about a new UFC show series that could be a way to get into the UFC.

Arnett said, "Rick, my coach up in Spokane, gave me a call about 10:30 at night, and said, hey we got you on this show, you're fighting Brandon Davis on August 1st, and I was like hell yeah, let's do it."

Arnett will have his second chance in the UFC this Tuesday. He’ll fight Brandon Davis on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. If he wins, and the win is impressive, his dream could manifest.

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