Michael Bennett speaks about Las Vegas

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Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett tweeted out a letter on Wednesday, saying officers in Las Vegas, Nevada targeted him and used excessive force, during a chaotic situation after the Mayweather-McGregor fight on August 27.

On Wednesday, Bennett spoke about the incident.

“It's a traumatic experience for me and my family and it sucks that the country that we live in now, sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin and it's a tough situation for me,” Bennett said. “Do I think that every police officer is bad? No, I don't believe that. Do I believe there are some people out there who judge people by the color of their skin? I do believe that and I'm just focused on, I'm trying to push forward and keep continuously championing the quest for justice for people"

Bennett's head coach Pete Carroll also spoke on the matter.

“We take this opportunity to say that we stand for in support of him and anyone face inequalities,” Carroll. “What happened with Michael is a classic illustration of the reality of the inequalities that are demonstrated daily."

In the letter, Bennett says he plans on filing a civil rights lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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